Cricket in Washington D.C.

Cricket in Washington D.C./Northern Virginia/Maryland area

Youth leagues

Youth cricket is growing in the D.C. metro region. Cricket is part of sports curriculum in many Maryland schools.

  • Maryland Youth Cricket Association (MYCA) is planning a youth cricket league in the area in 2017.
  • The Bowie Elementary School Teams (BEST) Cricket league in Maryland, started in 2014 is the first elementary school cricket league in USA. 205 players from 14 teams participated in 2016.
  • Maryland also has country's first middle school league, Washington Area Middle School (WAMS) Cricket league, started in 2015. 131 players and 9 teams participated in it in 2016.

Adult leagues

There are several large adult cricket leagues that are active during April-October time period in our area.


Two premier leather ball leagues in the area are:

There are several other large hard tennis ball cricket leagues thriving in our area. Prominent ones are :

Area cricket grounds